Frequently Asked Questions


What is the repayment period for a Business Loan?


Loans are repayable over a standard period of 26 weeks, with the outstanding loan amount and upfront interest charge repaid in weekly debit order instalments.


Can I extend the standard 26-week repayment period for my Business Loan?


Please feel free to contact a consultant directly to discuss a possible adjusted repayment plan to suit your business cash-flow.


Can I apply for a loan for a start-up business?


Unfortunately, you need a successful trading history of at least one year, as well as a turnover of at least R1 000 000 per year to qualify for a Business Loan.


What will a Business Loan cost me?


We charge you a fixed once-off interest charge of 25% of the capital amount loaned to you. There are no additional charges, unless you default on a weekly instalment or you wish to repay the loan over a period longer than 26 weeks.


Can I refinance my Business Loan before I have repaid all my instalments?


You may apply to have your Business Loan refinanced when 50% or more of your loan has been repaid. Please contact a consultant to discuss your refinancing options.


Can I repay my Business Loan over a shorter period of time and will I receive a discount on the once-off interest charge?


Please contact a consultant and we will help you with a suitable repayment plan. If the requested repayment period is less than 26 weeks, you will receive a discount on the once-off interest charge.


Does the business information I submit online remain confidential?


Yes, all information submitted is treated confidentially and will only be used by the Ephesus team to obtain an application result.