Secured Business Loan

If you have an unbonded property you can use as collateral and wish to settle the loan amount over a 12 month period, with monthly instalments, a secured loan might be the option you are looking for. The property does not even have to be registered in your name. This option only applies to business / legal entities (cc, partnership, company or trust) in which case a trust must at least have three trustees.


The loan amount gets determined by the value of the property used as security and should not exceed 40% of its value. The legal entity as well as its trustees, members, partners or directors should have a healthy credit record to qualify for a secured loan. Please ensure that you have an exit strategy, stating which sources or source will be used to settle the amount requested, to improve your chances of being granted.  

Our interest rates are calculated at 2.5% - 4% per month and determined by your credit rating as well as the loan amount required. We also charge a fee on application of 1 - 4% of the amount required which will also be determined according to calculations above. Our fee may be included in the loan instalments upon request.


*Please bear in mind that all information will be dealt with by our financial institution. The assessment of your application will be done by them and all information will be held private.*

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